At this time this event is only available on the Beta Server as of August 16, 2013.

Weekly Events is another event that Tynon introduced to provide additional entertainment to players as well as provide free bonuses when certain requirements have been met.

Weekly EventsEdit


Training Day

Every Sunday any experience points earned through the Training option provided in-game will be doubled for 24 hours.


Melee Monday

Every Monday anytime you fight a player by either Revenging them or attacking them in the Wild your bonuses will be doubled. This includes Reputations earned.


Tavern Tuesday

Every time you refresh in the tavern you earn double Spirit's.


Mid-Week Madness
Wednesdays will be the 'Coiners' new best friend. All day every Wednesday Mysterious Coins Chests that are purchased will give an additional 160% bonus. Mysterious Credit Chests will offer you an additional 200% bonus.


Thor's Day

Blacksmith cooldowns will be 1/4 of their normal cooldown all day!


Free Star Friday

Gem costs of all medals purchased on Friday will be refunded the next day on Saturday.


High Seas Saturday

Setting sail awards 5 gems, and sail successes award 5 gems in addition to normal sailing rewards.


At this time this event is only available on the Beta Server as of August 16, 2013.

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