This tip sheet will help you get 500 points in labEdit

Lab rank 1normal725

Everytime you play the labyrinth you get 1 health refill, 1 skip, and 1 change for free. After the free ones you have to spend gems.

You start with 45 moves. The destiny spots will either grant you 1-4 extra moves, takes 1-4 of your moves, block you out of it's spot, show you 2 spaces around you, or lets you move twice in 1 move. If you have a destiny spot as the 1st or last spot, be careful because it could block you out of the whole lab.

If you land on a destiny spot and gain moves, look for a past dreams slot. Make that your third move after and you will gain the same number of moves. If you lose moves, avoid past dreams or you lose them again.

Monster attacks grant 10 points. If you fall into the trap, you can fight a tougher monster, spend gems, or wait 10 minutes to get out. Anyway you go it's worth 20 points.

Pay attention to your health. It doesn't refill after fights in the lab. Only hit the fires of life if you need the health because they are only worth 5 points.

The question spaces are the best for points (especially in normal and hard difficulty). Hit all of these you see. There is a lab Q & A list right here: Cretan Labyrinth Trivia

Be carefull with the teleport spots. It may send you to a place you've already landed, making you burn moves for 0 points, or it could send you to the boss spot, ending your lab immediatly.

Shuffle spots are great for getting chips, speakers, and medals, but they are only worth 5 points.

The sorcery spots are good for points, but be careful if you are lower level. You could lose half your life. They may also give you HP, or give you a temporary stat bonus or reduction.

Save some gems so you can buy blue medals on the discount spots. They're the only thing that's worth it unless you need purple medals. Get those if you need them.

On guess the number spots start at 250 and cut the number in half every time it tells you if it's higher or lower. You will get the number 9/10 times this way.

When you start to get low on moves (around 15) make sure you count the spots left. If you dont make it to the boss, you'll lose out on those points and rewards.

Make sure you have at least 450 points before the boss to get your 500. The boss is worth 50 points. The double/half spot will affect this if it's right before the boss spot, so keep that in mind.

If the last spot is a teleport or destiny, skip it. You might get blocked out after all that work.

When landing on spaces like Old Dreams or Transformation, only spaces that have not been used already count. This makes it easier to get repeats of bonus moves. If you get a doulble score, move to a place youve already been on, then hit the boss, it is worth 100 points.

It is possible to get 500 points in lab level 1 easy at 100k power. I recommend having at least 3800k power before attempting level 1 normal.

If you don't land on any destiny spots, The 45 moves you start with should be plenty to get 500 points everytime. The only way to get 700 or more is to hit the destiny spots and get lucky. Know that some labs will have really shitty destiny pulls, and some will have really great ones.

Good luck, Wasted_A <fu> (server 129)

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