Let me clarify some things.

1. You are banned from certain functions on this wiki including Creating a UserID, Editing pages regardless of being logged in, Changing your talk page, Anyone attempting to Edit or Login from your IP Address, sending a message to another user of this wiki from this wiki.

If you came to this wiki you were no doubt referred here by Since you came from there it stands to reason that because the link to this wiki is embedded throughout the introductory post you no doubt saw it mentioned that vandalism will NOT be tolerated on this wiki. There is no slap on the wrist or three strikes you're out. Simply banned for a period of one year from doing what is mentioned in #1 at the top of this post. How do you get unbanned? You don't, simply wait out the year. The fact of the matter is that if you only had time to come and vandalize the wiki then you really didn't have anything to contribute to begin with as such you are not a valued member of this wiki.

You will still be able view the wiki in its entirety. You can still use the search function, you can still browse pages at your leisure. You just can't edit or make changes here.

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