Formations can be best understood by thinking of it as a big game of Chess. Just like you have a formation that you can see and adjust so does your opponent whether it's another player or a monster in the game.


Example of formation with one hero.
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To the left you can see an example of the Formation menu once you have opened it. At your discretion you can remove all heroes except yourself. If you attempt to move yourself off the board the game will give you a message telling you that this action is not possible.

Again it is important to understand that your enemy also has a chance to setup their heroes in a formation when doing battle against you.

Formation ExamplesEdit

Let's use a standard enemy monster formation as an example.

Heroic RealmEdit

Inside the Heroic Realm is a boss known as The Envoy (Elite). This boss uses a formation setup in the following manner;

In this example the boss is represented by the letter W and its minions are represented by the letters A,B,C and D.


In the example above the boss is hiding in the middle of his helpers. Now that you have the boss example lets take an example formation for a player


Now let's apply the formations against eachother.

1OO        AOB
2OO        OWO
345        COD

Now let's take a look at the battle mechanics of these two formations against each other.

Assuming you attack first hero represented by number 5 will take the first swing at enemy C. Enemy A will take the next hit at your hero number 1. Your hero number 2 being in the middle will take swings at the boss until he is killed. In return your boss will be spamming with its Weapon Skill Attack.

Now this will continue it a back and forth battle until you ultimately lose if you are not stacked with power. Let's try and understand why you would fail this battle. In the example above the boss is represented by W. As you can see he is hidden in the middle of his minions, why is this important to understand? Because the way the battle works using the example above the minions will continue attacking killing hero number 1 first followed by number 2 and most likely number 5. During the whole time this is happening the boss is spamming his weapon skill attack effectively wiping you out.

Let's try and understand what happened to your heroes and why you lost. Using the same example above your heroes are all on the outside of your formation except for hero number 2. Hero number 2 is the only hero directly attacking the boss while the rest are attacking the monsters surrounding the boss. So while your heroes are spending time trying to take down the monsters on the outside the boss is busy handing you your ass..

Heading into the same battle with a different formation:

1OO        AOB
234        OWO
5OO        COD

In the new example during the battle you now have 3 heroes who will spend each of their turns attacking the boss while the two heroes on the outside will spend their time attacking the minions surrounding the boss. Now your power is focused on taking out the boss which in most cases will result in you winning.

Changing your formation is a good strategy to use against any player, monster or boss. Next time you are having a tough time beating someone try changing your formation based on how they are setup.

Remember the best strategy is to focus your heroes on the toughest row/spot/hero/person first because the faster you take out the stronger opponent the more time you will have to focus on the rest of your battle.

If you have any questions please feel free to post in the comments section below I will try my best to answer them.

Cerebrus or BaalEdit

One Formation for World boss or Cerebrus and Baal is 1,2,5,7,8 with your weakest troop at 5 and strongest at 1 and 7 this almost doubles damage output and a sure fire way for easy rep. any question? im on server 41 my name is myraa currently 404k power with not one purchase made :)

Note: Some use block diagrams to show this formation... it is not clear what diagram this represents

Here are a couple of diagrams. Anyone who knows exactly what the above author ment should remove this, the original or any comments that aren't needed. Edit the diagram if it too is incorrect.

W=weakest, S=strongest, M=medium strength (Assumes two strong, 1 weakest, 2 medium stength)


The key to this event is keeping the boss stunned so the other characters can continue to attack. Would it be possible to point out where Shayd would belong on this diagram? I would think she should be at position 1 with a very high morale rune.


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