Hello there fellow Tynon warriors!

I enjoy writing guides and these forums could use a little positivity so lets share today all the ways I have found to get the most value out of your gems and other currencies. This tutorial may help everyone but it is more geared to players who have purchased gems and want to get real value for their money. The difference being that We're going to skip the obvious things and assume already that you know that you should try to complete all of your beginner rewards to gain the funds and be very careful with your money. Spending gems when absolutely necessary to complete the beginner rewards is fine because you're getting extra value out of it. If you follow the following ways to spend you'll get even more out of it.

Avoid Mysterious ChestsEdit

The fair is probably the best thing in the game. If you check this throughout the day you can EASILY get 5x the amount of credits and coins for your money.

Would you rather pay:
10 gems for 800k credits
101 gems for 2000k credits

Clearly the answer is 10 got 800k. Keep this in mind and DO NOT use mysterious chests

The 'It must be rigged or something' tavern:Edit

Never. Ever. Everrrrrrrrr. Pay 10 gems for a second attempt. Take the example above. For that same 10 gems on a second flip you can just get 16 more spins in the tavern. That difference is just stupid. [B]Dont flip twice.[/B]

The Rune Temple:Edit

This place needs its own entire dedicated tutorial. I might do that later if I get positive feedback. Heres a quick rundown.

NEVER pay 200 gems to summon that keeper. The amount of coins you can get from the fair with that amount will surely get you better results a majority of the time. In order to make sure you do not waste runes that you may need later....take on as many grey heroes from the tavern as you can and then start to unlock their first rune slots. This is a weird storage system that allows you to quickly and easily hold, level, and store runes. Think about when you open those new rune slots at level 40 or 50...imagine you already had a bunch of level 3 or 4 runes waiting for the spot instead of wasting purples on just leveling other purples.

KEEP IN MIND...youre going to get ones you dont need..sometimes you just have to let them go..but never let a gold go. EVER.

Heres a quick link to try to figure out what you need or what they do: Runes

The LabyrinthEdit

Not much in this section..just know that 30 stamina is SO worth the experience 60 stamina is worth the experience. If you can afford it frequently...60 stamina and 10 gems is also worth it.

Those statements are only true IF YOU WIN.

Never step on a square for destiny to gain or lose spaces unless you count it out and you can still finish the maze even if you hit -4 turns.

Idle TrainingEdit

ALWAYS make sure that if youre going to stand still for more than a few seconds you hit the train button at the bottom of the screen. This begins your auto train faster than idling. It might not seem like a lot but the gains add up. You pretty much get 2-3 minutes of experience for each gap between the noble lady appearing...Little things add up in games like this and experience gets harder and harder to come by.

Also....turn off the sleep setting in your computer's control panel. If you can be leveling for free there is no reason not to be (Except that the tavern costs more to refresh as you level).

The Arena: This is NOT sparta :Edit

As the header says..this is not sparta. When going through the arena take your time. Do not jump 5 ranks at a time just because you can. Theres so much experience you get from going slowly in there..and I'm not just talking about levelup experience.

You learn what heroes are strong. How to place them in your formation. Check the peoples info and see what their runes are. Learn. (Also the BEST time to learn is during Heaven Palace on the weekend. You get to see the formations of the top players from every server. Pro status).

Also it doesn't cost anything to participate in the arena. There is no stamina used. Its the only place you can get things for free.

The exception to this rule:Edit

If you are in the top 5 power in your realms...then you better believe IT HAS JUST BECOME SPARTA. You get huge daily benefits from being in the top 5 in the arena. IF you have the power, FIGHT WITH EVERYTHING YOU HAVE.

Credit to original source that can be found here.

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