Gem Chips
Description: Topaz is one of the many Gem Chips in the online world of Tynon that you can use to power up your equipment. Topaz gem chips provide a Physical Defense boost and is commonly applied to the armor type of Body.

The higher level your Gem Chips are the bigger boost they will provide your equipment. You can have up to 8 Gem Chips embedded on each piece of equipment after you have met certain requirements.


Only the first 7 base levels of this gem chips stats are available here. If you have higher level gem chips embedded and would like to add to the table please feel free. The highest that has been seen is up to level 15 however the stats are not recorded at this time.

LevelStatus Boost
1 +41 Physical Defense
2 +81 Physical Defense
3 +162 Physical Defense
4 +324 Physical Defense
5 +567 Physical Defense
6 +810 Physical Defense
7 +1215 Physical Defense

How to ObtainEdit

  • Fair
  • Treasure Stakes
  • Randomly by completing Quests and Missions.
  • Can be obtained as a prize from the Hall of Destruction or Banish events on each server.
  • Can be obtained from the Beginner's Rewards


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