Suds's Ultimate Guide to Tynon (Help for newbs and vets)

I decided to make this guide to help people get better at this game and even learn something along the way.

Runes Edit

Runes are probably one of the best ways to gain power in Tynon. There are 5 rune keepers. The first three give green, blue, or untouchable runes. They are different colors and higher the color the better the effect will be.

From lowest to highest (rarest) color

1.Untouchable (Red Skull, only option is to sell)

2. Green

3. Blue

4. Purple

5. Yellow

Stack to increase power of the highest one you choose to strengthen character.

You can stack two runes together by moving the picture of one rune (holding the mouse button down, whilst clicking on the picture with your mouse) over to the picture of the other rune, and then releasing the mouse button.

Stats Edit

These are all the stats that can be boosted by equiping Runes or leveling up. The following is a list of stats and the effects they have on your party, compliments of CaptainBinkles

HP: Health Points, how much damage your hero can suffer before dying.
Physical Attack: Pretty self Explanatory, how much physical damage your hero does.
Physical Defense: How much mitigation your champion has against physical attacks.
Skill Attack: How much damage is caused my your hero's specific skill.
Skill Defense: How much mitigation your champion has against other skills
Magic Attack: How much magical damage your hero deals.
Magic Defense: How much mitigation your champion has against magic attacks.
Critical: The chance your hero has of inflicting a critical attack. (I'm guessing this is 2x damage, but I'm not 100% sure)
Resilience: The defense your hero has AGAINST Criticals. A hero with high resilience is LESS likely to be DEALT a critcal strike
Dodge: The chance your hero has to dodge an attack from an enemy
Hit Rating: The chance your hero has to accurately hit an enemy. A hero with high hit is LESS likely to be DODGED by the enemy.
Block: The chance your hero has to block an enemy attack (Blocks are usually coupled with a counterattack as well)
Break: The chance your hero has to ignore the enemy's block. A hero with high break is LESS likely to be BLOCKED by an enemy.

Heroes Edit

Heroes are one of the major pains of Tynon. It takes a lot of luck, credits and looks like its rigged. As with Runes there are different colors for Heroes.


The higher the color, the more power the hero has and the better their special attacks become. For example Cianna can stun and Calvin can lower Morale. (Nice effects) My Advice? Good luck and make sure you have enough credits to recruit them as well......(cries)

Formations Edit

Now this is the topic I dont know much about. If you have one you would like to share just message me on Tynon or here.

Testimonials Edit

One Formation for World boss or cerb and baal is ??????? with your weakest troop at 5 and strongest at 1 and 7 this almost doubles damage output and a sure fire way for easy rep. any question? im on server 41 my name is myraa currently 404k power with not one purchase made :)

Note: Some use block diagrams to show this formation... it is not clear what diagram this represents

I'm going to give a couple of diagrams, those who know exactly what this means should remove my comments, edit the original comments and put in block diagrams to show this.

W=weakest, S=strongest, M=medium strength (Assumes two strong, 1 weakest, 2 medium stength)


Don't know if this makes a difference or not...


--Cyberchipz (talk) 17:57, August 16, 2013 (UTC)

Revenge/Player Farming Edit

When Tynon first came out this was very efficient but now its mostly patched. All you basically do is hit player then revenge them for extra coins/credits.

If you want me to touch on anything just holla on here and i will add to this. I'm out!!!

Credit to Original Source Suds of the Tynon Forums

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