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Runes give your heroes boosts to your stats, including increased initial morale. These can be freely distributed between your heroes at any time. Each hero can equip up to 8 runes at the same time, where the second slot is unlocked at hero Lv.25 – and the eight at Lv.85!

Runes come in 5 different qualities:

  • White - Common, not usable.
  • Green - Common, used for Exp.
  • Blue - Semi-common, used for Exp.
  • Purple - Uncommon, your best choice before you've got yellow runes.
  • Yellow - Rare, the best runes.

Buying Runes for 90 mill coins gave these results:

  • 3 yellow runes. 1 yellow per 30 M coins.
  • 20 rune fragments. 1 rune fragment per 4.5M coins.
  • 33 purple. 1 purple per 2.7M coins
  • 174,700 rune exp. 1 rune exp per 517 coins.

So to get one special yellow rune you need to spend round 450 M coins on runes.

The 14 rune effectsEdit

Physical Attack:

  • Retaliation – Purple, +300, +150 per rune level
  • Bane – Yellow, +500, +500 per rune level
  • Vengence – Yellow, +1000, +500 per rune level – Also increases Skill Attack

Physical Defense:

  • Mountain – Green, +100, +50 per rune level
  • Mesa – Blue, +175, +75 per rune level
  • Burliness – Yellow, +450, +450 per rune level

Skill Attack:

  • Artisanship – Purple, +300, +150 per rune level
  • Adept – Yellow, +500, +500 per rune level
  • Vengence – Yellow, +1000, +500 per rune level – Also increases Physical Attack

Skill Defense:

  • Guildmaster – Green, +100, +50 per rune level
  • Tactics – Blue, +175, +75 per rune level
  • Flintiness – Yellow, +450, +450 per rune level

5. Boost MageAtt - Increases your magic damage - only useful on mages

  • Green: Trance (100 + 50 per rune level),
  • Purple: Focused  (300 + 150 per rune level)
  • Yellow: Intenseness (500 + 500 per rune level)

6. Boost MageDef - Reduces magic damage taken.

  • Blue: Tranquility (175 + 75 per rune level)
  • Yellow: Messiness (450 + 450 per rune level)

7. Boost Critical - Increases your chance of a critical strike (double damage).

  • Purple: Superiority (10 + 8 per rune level)
  • Yellow: Advantage (20 + 12 per rune level)

8. Boost Resilience - Reduces chance of a critical strike (double damage).

  • Blue: Cunning (5 + 5 per rune level)
  • Purple: Phantom (10 + 8 per rune level)
  • Yellow: Dexterousness (20 + 15 per rune level)
  • Yellow Special: Reliabillity (35 + 15 per rune level)

9. Boost Hit Rating - Reduces chance of your attack missing (no damage dealt).

  • Blue: Eagle (5 + 5 per rune level)
  • Purple: Hawkishness (10 + 8 per rune level)
  • Yellow: Preciseness (20 + 15 per rune level)

10. Boost Dodge - Increase chance of you dodging (no damage taken).

  • Purple: Agility (10 + 8 per rune level)
  • Yellow: Nimbleness (20 + 12 per rune level)

11. Boost Block - Increases chance of Blocking an attack (gives you an instant physical attack) - Doesn't work with mages .

  • Purple: Wall (10 + 8 per rune level)
  • Yellow: Resistance (20 + 15 per rune level)

12. Boost Break - Reduces chance of your attack being blocked (gives an instant physical attack to enemy).

  • Blue: Destruction (5 + 5 per rune level)
  • Purple: Eradicator (10 + 8 per rune level)
  • Yellow: Infalability (20 + 12 per rune level)
  • Yellow special: Reliability (32 + 12 per rune level)

13. Boost HP - Boost your hit points.

  • Purple: Vigor (1000 + 1000 per rune level)
  • Yellow: Vitality (2000 + 2000 per rune level)
  • Yellow special: Endurance (4000 + 2000 per rune level)

14. Boost Moral - Allows use of special attack sooner - useless for mage - With a moral boost of 100 hero uses special attack on first attack. Having more than 100 in moral doesn't help in any way.

  • Blue: Crusade (25 + 5 per rune level)
  • Purple: Patisan (35 + 8 per rune level)
  • Yellow: Righteousness (50 + 10 per rune level)
  • Yellow special: Endurance (60 + 10 per rune level)

When a non-mage hero has 100 or more in morale his next attack will be a skill attack. Having more than 100 morale doesn't help in any way and is lost when making a skill attack until you get more advanced equipment such as LightBringer. Having extra morale is then held after each attack and can help you defend against heroes such as Flavius and even Calvin. Extra attacks from Block will always be normal physical attacks and they don't earn your hero morale. Each time your hero is attacked with a physical attack and the attack is not dodged that hero earns 40 morale. Each time your hero attacks with a physical attack he earns 40 morale. Full sets of armor lets your hero retain some morale after a skill attack.

Now that you have runes, and know what each one does, you can start assigning runes to your heroes. Play around a bit and see which ones give you the best power upgrade per hero. Note that some runes will not affect power, but still provide a buff, mainly Crusader and Partisan, as these boost morale, which allows you to skill attack sooner, but don't directly affect power. Also, morale runes don't do ANYTHING for Mages because they do not perform skill attacks.

So once you get your basic runes set, you will want to start leveling them. There is some simple math here. Green runes count for 30 points, blue for 60, purple for 120, and yellow for 720. Runes can be combined with the same type of rune, or with different kinds of runes.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN COMBINING RUNES!!!! When you are trying to combine runes and you are unsure of the outcome, please READ CAREFULLY! To combine runes, whether the same or different, it will always say: "Rune A will absorb Rune B, and get XXX EXP" Rune A is the one that will remain after combination IF RUNE B IS THE ONE YOU WANT CLICK CANCEL

As for the reason for all the emphasis above, this is the main issue people have with using runes. People get combination happy and wind up losing runes they wanted. If you do lose a rune, do not fret as it can always be replaced. More info in a later chapter on this, but it is OK because, at the end of the day, runes are about the EXP points that can be piled into them.

A few general guidelines on rune combination"

If you combine a lower level and higher level rune, the higher level rune will remain (in order of low to high: green, blue, purple, yellow, special yellow)
If you combine 2 runes of the same level, the one with the most experience remains (ex: combine two different blue, the one with higher exp points will remain)

Chapter 1, part C: Leveling your runesEdit

Now that you have an understanding of runes and have your base runes, its time to start leveling those suckers up! In order to do this, you are going to need A LOT of coins, as auto praying gets expensive and points needed gets very large. The table below shows how many EXP points are needed to achieve each level.  NOW GO SHAKE YOUR BOOTIE ON THOSE RUNES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Exp. Needed for Each Level
Rune Level Green Blue Purple Yellow
Exp. Value 30 60 120 720
Lv.2 120 240 480 960
Lv.3 240 480 960 1.920
Lv.4 960 960 1.920 3.820
Lv.5 1.920 1.920 3.840 7.680
Lv.6 1.920 3.840 7.680 15.360
Lv.7 3.840 7.680 15.360 30.720
Lv.8 7.680 15.360 30.720 61.440
Lv.9 15.360 30.720 61.440 122.880
Lv.10 30.720 61.440 122.880 245.760
11 0 0 0 0
12 0 0 0 0

Base points are the amount of EXP points per rune, so if you auto pray and get 2 purple, 4 blue, and 14 greens, the total EXP point gained will be => 14*30 + 4*60 + 2*120 = 900. Also note that if you click "Combine All" you will end up with one of the purple/pink runes. It is not entirely clear as to how runes of the same tier combine, so if you run into this dilemma, follow this work around:

So you have auto-prayed and got 2 purple: Eradicator and Partisan. The rest of the runes are all greens and blue, and you want to keep the Partisan. Since you aren't sure if you will end up with Eradicator OR Partisan, move BOTH of them onto a hero with an open slot (most likely on a hero that you don't use in your formation) Then click "Combine All" to combine all the lower tier runes into one. Now you have a green or blue rune with a bit of EXP points on it. Now drag the Partisan onto the newly created rune with the EXP points on it. Make sure to double check that it reads : "Partisan will absorb *green/blue*, and get XXX EXP." Now you have a Partisan that is most likely level 2, and can test the Eradicator combining. This time it should read: "Partisan will absorb Eradicator, gaining 120 EXP."  An alternate way is to drag the one you want to keep, in this case Partisan, on to the Eradicator.  Verification will be "Partisan will absorb Eradicator, gaining 120 EXP." You now have a Partisan and several green and blue runes. Too combine simply click on "Combine All".

Now you know two safer ways to combine runes. Whenever you are combining or working with runes that you want to keep, use caution. Once you start getting gold/yellow runes, you don't have to be as cautious, but I still always double check.

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