The Ragnarok Window

Are you ready for a battlefield that surpasses the Arena!? Get ready for the Ragnarok.

The BasicsEdit

Before you head into battle power yourself up with boosts using Credits and Gems. As with all other battlefields you can boost yourself with Credits up to a max of 80%. Once you hit the 80% mark using credits you can use Gems to get your boost up to 100%. Keep in mind these boosts are a game of chance. Spending Credits and Gems DOES NOT guarantee you will get a boost to your power. You may potentially spend hundreds of Gems and millions of Credits to get these boosts.

The MenuEdit

The menu is broken down into 3 sections.

Kill StreakEdit

You can find Kill Streak rankings here by Rank, Player, Guild and the number of Max Kills by any one individual.

Battle ReportsEdit

Sort by All Reports to see all battle report notices generated by everyone participating in the Hunger Games or you can sort by Personal Reports to only see the reports generated by your own activities in the Hunger Games.

Battle Statistics and BoostsEdit

This section shows you stats relevant to your own activities within the Hunger Games such as
  • Max Kills
  • Kill Streak
  • Wins
  • Losses
  • Reputation
  • Credits
You can also find the section here to boost your power using Gems and Credits.

Once you are ready to go click Fight on the lower right of the Ragnarok Menu.

Participating in the RagnarokEdit

The Ragnarok is open between 7pm-8pm and will consist of 50 rounds.

Battle PrizesEdit

Each battle you participate in will earn you Reputation and Credits.


  • It's also the name of a Water Realm guild at server 4

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