[[{{SUBST:Princess Andromeda}}|   ]]
[[{{SUBST:Princess Andromeda}}|   ]]
Princess Andromeda
Gender: Female
Job: Cavalry
Skill: Death's Smile
[[{{SUBST:Princess Andromeda}}|   ]]
[[{{SUBST:Princess Andromeda}}|   ]]
Type: Heroes
Obtain From: Heaven Tavern

Hero AttributesEdit

Recruit in Heaven Tavern

Base Attributes
HP 550
Command 80
Strength 60
Intelligence 60
Physical Attack 818
Skill Attack 450
Mage Attack 723
Physical Defense 273
Skill Defense 491
Magic Defense 204
Attribute Bonuses
  • unknown
  • Note that the base stats listed are the stats you start out with on the hero when you recruit it from the tavern. These stats can be augmented over time by adding Runes, embedding Gem Chips, Sanctifying the hero or upgrading Weapons and Armor.

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