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Weekend Update!

June 22, 2013

Recent Updates:

Regarding the Heaven Palace:

  • The top 2 players from the arena in each realm will be enshrined as wargods in the heavens. Fight through these champions in a unique PvE-PvP mix as you try to unseat them from their thrones in 10 progressively tough Palaces!

Regarding Caribbean Pirates:

  • Caribbean Pirates: Attackers no longer regenerate life between battles when attacking a boat and must beat both defenders sequentially to sink the boat. This should make it easier for players to make the dangerous crossing.

Regarding Gameplay:

  • The Hide Other Players feature now works in Baal and Cerberus. This should help players on low-end computers to deal with lag and to avoid accidentally starting a PvP battle.
  • Beginner's Rewards Day 5 now requires you to defeat The Horseman (Elite) in Heroic Realm, instead of crafting the Hope Bringer's Chestpiece. This is to remove the random element of this task.

We'll keep you posted on further developments!


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