The Labyrinth Shop is a place where you can spend the Tokens you earn by completing the various challenges within the Cretan Labyrinth. Here you can find the details of what those items are.

Inventory Edit

Item Name Token Cost
2000K Coins 5 Tokens
1000K Credits 5 Tokens
Hope Bringer's Spirit (Plans) 20 Tokens
Champion's Spirit (Plans) 40 Tokens
Guardian's Spirit (Plans) 60 Tokens
Ironheart's Spirit (Plans) 80 Tokens
Lightbringer's Spirit (Plans) 100 Tokens
Justice Spirit (Plans) 120 Tokens
Judgement Spirit (Plans) 150 Tokens
Sirius Spirit (Plans) 200 Tokens
Lv1 Obsidian 5 Tokens
Lv1 Ruby 5 Tokens
Lv1 Obsidian 5 Tokens
Lv1 Sapphire 5 Tokens
Lv1 Emerald 5 Tokens
Lv1 Topaz 5 Tokens
Lv1 Amethyst 5 Tokens
Lv1 Diamonds 5 Tokens
Lv2 Obsidian 10 Tokens
Lv2 Ruby 10 Tokens
Lv2 Obsidian 10 Tokens
Lv2 Sapphire 10 Tokens
Lv2 Emerald 10 Tokens
Lv2 Topaz 10 Tokens
Lv2 Amethyst 10 Tokens
Lv2 Diamonds 10 Tokens
Lv3 Obsidian 20 Tokens
Lv3 Ruby 20 Tokens
Lv3 Obsidian 20 Tokens
Lv3 Sapphire 20 Tokens
Lv3 Emerald 20 Tokens
Lv3 Topaz 20 Tokens
Lv3 Amethyst 20 Tokens
Lv3 Diamonds 20 Tokens
Lv3 Obsidian 20 Tokens
Lv3 Ruby 20 Tokens
Lv4 Obsidian 50 Tokens
Lv4 Sapphire 50 Tokens
Lv4 Emerald 50 Tokens
Lv4 Topaz 50 Tokens
Lv4 Amethyst 50 Tokens
Lv4 Diamonds 50 Tokens
Lv5 Obsidian 100 Tokens
Lv5 Sapphire 100 Tokens
Lv5 Emerald 100 Tokens
Lv5 Topaz 100 Tokens
Lv5 Amethyst 100 Tokens
Lv5 Diamonds 100 Tokens
Olaf's Card 50 Tokens
Singed's Card 50 Tokens
Leblanc's Card 50 Tokens
Morgana's Card 50 Tokens
Karthus's Card 50 Tokens
Ryze's Card 100 Tokens
Sion's Card 100 Tokens
Twisted Fate's Card 100 Tokens
Urgot's Card 100 Tokens
Leader Card 100 Tokens

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