Armor apprentices chestgaurd


Hope Bringer's Chestguard
[Body] All Races
Power Qmark
Physical Defense: Qmark
Magic Defense Qmark

Requires owning a Hero of at least level 20 to equip.

View the entire Hope Bringer's Armor Set.

Other UsesEdit

Resale Price: Qmark gold

Synthesis RecipesEdit

Hope Bringer's Chestguard (20)

Used in RecipesEdit

Champion's Chestguard (40)

How to ObtainEdit

This item is obtained by synthesis or upgrade.


  • none

Dropped FromEdit

  • The Horseman in Heroic Realm along with Hope Bringer Sword and Hope Bringer Staff.
  • Plaguebringer in Heroic Realm along with Hope Bringer Sword and Hope Bringer Staff.

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