Guild Warfare pits Guild against Guild in PvP on a mass level. Band together with the members of your guild to take and hold cities that will give members of your guild special boosts! Guild Warfare is available only when your guild has reached level 3.

How it WorksEdit

In order to initiate Guild Warfare the Host or Vice Host(s) of your guild must be online during the initial preparation time to "bid" on the chance to take on a city.

The funds that are used for bidding are the guild funds so it is important that all guild members contribute daily as each contribution will add to the amount of funds your guild has. Note: ONLY the Host or Vice Host can place a bid on a city. A regular guild member can not place a bid.


When Guild Warfare is in its preparation stage you will see a small icon pop up under the Guild Warfare icon that says join.

There are a total of 12 cities that offer various rewards that remain in effect until you lose the city, you can also hold multiple cities and receive multiple rewards.


There are a total of 30 rounds per game.

Each round consists of two phases. During the Command Phase you will have 1 minute to decide where to move to. After the Command Phase is the Action Phase which will last for 15 seconds, during this phase whatever action you decided in the Command Phase will be carried out as well as the subsequent battle if you or the opposing guild attacks.

Here is an example using the map above. Let's say we are at C-Camp and we want to get to G-Boyleville. Getting there would take 4 rounds, 1 round to move from C-Camp to D-Fort, another round to move from D-Fort to E-Camp, another round to move from E-Camp to F-Camp, and finally one more round to move from F-Camp to G-Boyleville.

Capturing a CityEdit

Once a City is selected you are transported to that map when the event starts and prompted to wait for the game to begin. There are a total of 5 towns that lie between your home base Challenger's Base and your goal usually denoted by the letter G followed by the name of the city you are working on capturing.

The object of the game when capturing a city is to defeat either the NPC's or the defending guild.

Best practice is to appoint 1 member of your guild as the leader during this event if not then you run the risk of people running all over the place which can result in a loss. Keep in mind united you are a giant wall of power. Divided you are weaker and easier to pick off.

You have 30 rounds to make it to the main city on the map in order to win!!!!

Defending a CityEdit

Your guild has captured a city now what?

Defending your captured city will be tough as opposing guilds who want the bonuses your city provides will be coming after you.

The object of the game is to prevent an opposing guild from capturing your city. You will have 30 rounds to defend. It is a good idea to make a plan before the event starts. Unlike Capturing a City where you have to take each town on your map 1 by 1 you have full access to all the towns excluding the Challenger's Base when the event starts. This means instead of starting at city G you pick any city on the map to reinforce and that is where you will start at during round 1.

Remember you have 30 rounds to either destroy the enemy or Challenger's Base or prevent them from taking your base G-City.

Remember unlike attacking a city you can start anywhere on the map when defending so chose your moves wisely.

Fighting multiple battlesEdit

When your guild has cities to attack and defend, then the Guild Host or Vice Host allocates each active member to a city prior to the start of Guild Wars. Each member fights only in that battle.  Always listen to your hosts, they know what's better.

Aditional InformationEdit

Guild Warfare does not use any of your stamina so you can participate even if you do not have any. If you die during GW, you are sent back to Challenger's Base (A) and must wait three turns to revive.

Even if your guild loses the battle, you will still receive good rewards for fighting.

this is what a loss looks like

Benefits of Capturing a CityEdit

When you capture a city your whole guild will get a boost depending on what that city offers, below is a list of all the cities and the buffs that they offer. Remember you only get these buffs for as long as your guild holds the city.  So try not to lose your city if you want to get additional boost.

Guild Level Requirement City Owner's Buff
3 Scorch +20% Reputation gained.
3 Boyleville +20% Reputation gained.
3 Ospheim +20% Reputation gained.
3 Solstafir +20% Reputation gained.
3 Taraniston +20% Reputation gained.
4 Birchcoomb +50% Coins and Credits gained from Philosopher's Stone, Shrine and killing.
4 Mistfall +50% Coins and Credits gained from Philosopher's Stone, Shrine and killing.
4 Synvers +50% Coins and Credits gained from Philosopher's Stone, Shrine and killing.
5 Koleton +3 Guild treasure chest chances.
6 Jengu +100% Pirate Rewards
7 The Last Home +1 Free Daily Labyrinth Chance
8 Astrifactorum +150 Free Daily Stamina

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