This building is where Guild Technologies are researched you can find it located in the Guild Manor. The higher level your Guild Academy is the more Technologies you will have access to. Another benefit to upgrading your Guild Science Museum is the you open up the ability to level up each of your Technologies to higher levels increasing the Buffs that they provide for your character.

The technologies that are available in the guild are not shared technologies. For each person to benefit from them they will need to individually unlock and upgrade each of the technologies whose buffs they want to receive. In order to unlock and level up technologies you will need to pay using Contribution

Guild TechnologiesEdit

There are over 15Qmark guild technologies available for you to enhance you character with. Below is a list of when they appear for you to be able to unlock and research. Many technologies are not available until the Guild Academy reaches a certain level.

Academy Level 1
Guild tech bestiary

Guild tech noblesse oblige

Academy Level 2
Guild tech devoutness
devoutness gives +10% rewards in shrine not investment bonus...
Academy Level 3
Win-Win tech

Academy Level 4
Mr popularity tech

Cost to Activate & UpgradeEdit

Level Cost to Unlock
1 - 10 100 Contribution
11- 20 400 Contribution
21 - 30

900 Contribution

31- 40   1600 Contribution
41-50   2500 Contribution
51-60 Qmark Contribution
61-70 Qmark Contribution
71-80 Qmark Contribution
81-90 Qmark Contribution
91-100 Qmark Contribution

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