Fragments are a random reward in the Rune Temple. 

Fragments can be obtained from the Advanced & Legendary Rune-keeper's at random , Or by summoning the Advanced Or Legendary Rune-keeper for 200Gems gaining : 1x Rune & 1x Rune Fragment.

On the Rune page in the bottom right hand corner , you will see the amount of Rune Fragments you own , and a small REDEEM button.


Rune Fragments & Redeem(Rune Shop)

Upon selecting 'Redeem' you will be taken to the Rune shop where you can purchase runes using you're Rune Fragments.

The rune shop includes every rune , however you can only purchase Purple(Tier 3) & Yellow(Tier4) runes with the exception of 3x Tier5(multi attribute runes). 

Purchasable runes :

Runes Table
Rune Tier Rune Name Rune Attributes
Tier 3 Wall Increases Block Chance.
Tier 3 Vigor Increases Maximum Hp.
Tier 3 Superiority Increases Critical Chance.
Tier 3 Retaliation Increases Phys. Damage
Tier 3 Phantom Increases Resillience
Tier 3 Partisan Increases Initial Moral
Tier 3 Hawkishness Increases Hit Rating
Tier 3 Focused Increases Magic Defence
Tier 3 Eradicator Increases Break Rating
Tier 3 Artisan Increases Skill Damage
Tier 3 Agility Increases Dodge Chance
Tier 4 Vitality Increases Maximum HP
Tier 4 Righteousness Increases Initial Moral
Tier 4 Resistance Increases Block Chance
Tier 4 Preciseness Increases Hit Rating
Tier 4 Nimbleness Increases Dodge Chance
Tier 4 Messiness Increases Magic Defence
Tier 4 Intenseness Increases Magic Damage
Tier 4 Infalability Increases Break Rating
Tier 4 Flintiness Increases Skill Defence
Tier 4 Dexterousness Increases Resillience
Tier 4 Burliness Increases Phys. Defence
Tier 4 Bane Increases Phys. Damage
Tier 4 Advantage Increases Critical Chance
Tier 4 Adept Increases Skill Damage
Tier 5 Vengence

Increases Physical &

Skill Damage

Tier 5 Reliability

Increases Resillience & 

Break Rating

Tier 5 Endurance

Increases Maximum HP

& Initial Moral

Tier 3 Runes : 5 Fragments

Tier 4 Runes : 20 Fragments

Tier 5 Runes : 100 Fragments

( Tier 5 runes require Lvl 60. )

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