Eira Seolfor: It looks like they've called on reinforcements. We'll need to find a weakness in their rear, we'll never survive a frontal attack.

You: What were those cries? We should investigate.

You: The Cult has taken all of the villagers! We need to rescue them immediately.

You: We've rescued some of the villagers but more are missing.

You: The villagers we've saved have told us that the Mayor sold them out to the Cult of the Damned. We need to take him out.

You: This is the Mayor? Let's ambush him from behind, he may be more than a match for us.

You: We must destroy the Cult, and everyone in it.

Eira Seolfor: The castle has been located, but it's heavily defended. The scouts found a drainage tunnel, that if we're lucky will get us through their first defenses without raising an alarm.

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