Start NPC Letizia
Requirements none
Repeatable No
Reward Rewards

200,000 Coins
100,000 Credits
Talent Queue
Stat Bonus
Command +1
Strength +1
Chance At One Of The Following:
200,000 Coins
10 Gems
100,000 Credits
1 Lv1 Obsidian
1 Blue Medal

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New Mission Find The Tracker

Walkthrough Edit

We have lost contact with a garrison in the Dusk Woods. Find the Captain of the Guard and report what you find.

You find Michael and come up with a plan to infiltrate the inner village and help the villagers defeat the Undead so their children will be safe.

Once you clear the village of the threat head over to the Village Hall and find the Key to open the door.

Before proceeding to the next leg of this quest you will be given the option to unlock an additional Blacksmith queue for 50,000 Coins

Find the Abomination and defeat it.


  • none

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