Letizia: Please find Maria and bring her back as soon as you can. I have a bad feeling on what is happening to her.
You: Okay, I will bring her back.

You: My sword is surrounded by Maria's enchantments. It will lead us to her. Let's draw and equip the sword.

You: I am a soldier from Aerie City. I need help to rescue our Priestess Maria from the Minotaurs.
Brenda: There are several heroes in the Tavern right now. See if you can convince one of them to join you.

Maria: Help me!
You: That minotaur looks strong. Let's upgrade our sword before we attack.

Maria: Thank you for rescuing me! I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't come. Quick, let's get back to Aerie City. Mistress Letizia must be worried sick by now.

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