Start NPC Letizia
Requirements none
Repeatable No
Reward Rewards

100,000 Coins
50,000 Credits
Stat Bonus
Chance At One Of The Following:
100,000 Coins
10 Gems
50,000 Credits
1 Apprentice's Sword
5 Speakers

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none Talk to Letizia

Walkthrough Edit

Welcome to Aerie City. Talking to Letizia you have found out that Maria may be in danger.

Along the way you will be introduced to your first weapon. Equip this and slay any beast that stands in your way. Your Heroes menu will also show up around this time.

After defeating the first monster you will come across Brenda for a short cutscene on finding some help to rescue Maria. At this time you will be introduced to the Heaven Tavern.

Immediately after recruiting your first hero your next menu will show up on screen. Formation. The hero you just recruited will now automatically be added to your formation introducing you to the navigational aspect of adding heroes.

Don't forget to pick up your random treasure box laying near Brenda. Its got some free coins waiting for you in there.

Right before you battle the Darksun Shaman you will be introduced to another menu. This time the Blacksmith Queue will show up and guide you through upgrading your weapon for the first time.

Now it's time to engage the Darksun Shaman. After you kill the boss head back to Aerie city and find Letizia.


  • none