Event Possible Outcome

1. You randomly gain a 5% bonus to an attribute and earn 10 Scores as a reward.
2. You randomly lose 5% to an attribute and earn 15 Scores.
3. You temporarily lose half of your total HP and earn 5 Scores.
4. You temporarily lose half your current HP and earn 10 Scores.

Monster Attack

1. You encounter monsters and defeating them earns you 10 Scores.
2. You fall into a trap filled with monsters, it will take 10 minutes to get out, or you can attack the monsters now for a chance to get out immediately! Defeating the monsters will earn you 20 Scores. You can also spend 2 Gems to get out immediately and still earn 20 Scores.


You are presented with 2 items, you can purchase 1 at a discount price.
1. You earn 10 Scores if you make a purchase.
2. You earn 5 Scores if you do not make a purchase.


You can draw one item from a group of five, earning you the item and 5 Scores. Spending Gems will earn you double the gains.


It can double or halve the Scores earned in the next event, earning you 10 Scores.

Old Dreams

It re-activates the tile from 3 turns ago.

Number Guess

A random number between 0 and 500 is chosen and you will receive 10 chances to guess it. Each time you are incorrect you will be given a hint to guess higher or lower based on the number you entered.
1. If you find the number within the first 7 guesses you will receive 30 Scores.
2. If you find the number on the 8th guess you will receive 20 Scores.
3. If you find the number in the ninth or tenth guesses you will receive 10 Scores.
4. You do not find the number and receive no Scores.


1. You are sent back a space and the current space is closed. You earn 10 Scores.
2. You lose between 1 and 4 moves and earn 10 Scores.
3. You gain between 1 and 4 moves and earn 5 Scores.
4. Next move you can move two spaces instead of one and you will earn 5 Scores.
5. Unveils 2 tiles around you, and earns you 5 Scores.


The bomb destroys the events on the 4 slots surrounding it and earns you 20 Scores. Note: This will NOT destroy the boss space.

Answer Questions

You're given between 2, 4 or 6 questions. Answering each one correctly will earn you 10 Scores. See Trivia Notes for some help on the trivia questions.


You are randomly transported to a new spot triggering the event on it and earning you 5 Scores.

Fire of Life

This space refills your HP completely and awards you with 5 Scores.

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