• Description: Eagle increases your Hit Rating which increases the chance that your attack will land. A high Hit Rating greatly decreases the chance that your enemy will Dodge your attack.

This Rune is considered the Level 1 Rune of it's family.

Obtained FromEdit


Only up to level 10 is listed on this table however, there is no known rune level cap at this time, this table can be expanded to accommodate additional information.

LevelStatus BoostExp to Level UpExp Value
1 +524060
2 +1048060
3 +15960Qmark
4 +QmarkQmarkQmark
5 +QmarkQmarkQmark
6 +QmarkQmarkQmark
7 +QmarkQmarkQmark
8 +QmarkQmarkQmark
9 +QmarkQmarkQmark
10 +QmarkQmarkQmark

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