The daily assistant girl seen in the loading screen

The Daily Assistant helps players easily earn rewards.  Rewards can be earned based on the number of activities a player completes each day.




The activities listed under the Daily Assistant are divided into two groups: Unclamed Rewards and Claimed Rewards.

Activity Number of times to complete each day Number of total points possiable
Login 1 5
Sacrifice 2 10
Free Prayer 1 5
Investment 1 5
Daily Salaries 1 5
Arena Challenges 3 15
Banish Cerberus 1 10
Caribbean Pirates Success 1 5
Guild Warfare 1 5
Cretan Labyrinth 1 10
Heroic Realm 1 5
Attack other players in the wild 3 15
Heaven Tavern 1 5
Claim Guild Benifits 1 5
  • note: Practice fighting in rankings or friends list counts for fighting in the wild.

Daily RewardsEdit

There are four rewards players can claim each day from the Daily Assistant:

  1. Squire's Reward
  2. Count's Reward
  3. Knight's Reward
  4. King's Bounty

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