It's time for the most powerful warriors to battle for fortune and glory. Let the games begin!

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Registration Edit


Championship Warfare

To register click the Championship Warfare icon located where the old Arena icon used to be, this is at the top left near your avatar profile menu.

On registration you will gain 2,000 Tickets.

Battle Rules Edit

  • The top 512 players will be selected with a round robin system where each round will last 5 minutes and every win awards the winner 1 point.
Knockout Stage I, II, III and IV
  • The top 256 players will be reduced to 128 then 64 and finally 32 players in an elimination series. The first round will be a best of three and the final 3 rounds will be a best of five.
Knockout Stage V, Eight Finals and Quarter Finals
  • The top 16 players from the previous knockout stage will advance to participate in a best of 5 round of battles followed by 1 best of 7 battle round that will reduce the remaining competitors to the final 4 players.
Semi-finals and Finals
  • The top players and the Champion will remain and battle in a best of 9 and a best of 11 fights in order to crown the Champion of the Championship Warfare Tournament.

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