[[{{SUBST:Catherine}}|   ]]
[[{{SUBST:Catherine}}|   ]]
Gender: Female
Job: Mage
Skill: ??
[[{{SUBST:Catherine}}|   ]]
[[{{SUBST:Catherine}}|   ]]
Type: Heroes
Obtain From: Heaven Tavern

Hero Stats Edit

Recruit in Heaven Tavern

Base Stats
Power ??
HP ??
Command ??
Strength ??
Intelligence ??
  • Note that the base stats listed are the stats you start out with on the hero when you recruit it from the tavern. These stats can be augmented over time by adding Runes, embedding Gem Chips, Sanctifying the hero or upgrading Weapons and Armor.

Storyline Edit



Catherine is one of the first received Heroes in Tynon. She is a Knight rank card and can be recived during gameplay. Catherine appears to hover in battle. She has blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail. Dark purple horns protrude through her upper forehead. The same colored horns also exist o. Her shoulders and has the same colored wings. Her ears point like elf ears. Her eyes are a light brown. Her face is flawless like most other Heroes. She looks like Auora one of the other Heroes a soldier rank.

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