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NMs | Mobs

Connecting Areas Edit

Shining Shore Battalion
Tunnel to the Castle
Dark Laboratory
Jail of the Curse
Fort of the Damned

Involved in Quests Edit

Quest Type Starter Location
Destroy the Cult of the Damned Quest Qmark Qmark
Save Innocent Prisoners Quest Qmark Qmark

NPCs Found Here Edit

  • none

Notorious Monsters Found HereEdit

Name Level Drops Family Notes
Plague Professor
Spawns as part of the quest Save Innocent Prisoners.
38 Wooden Tripod Skeleton Power Level: 432,274
Plague Lord
Spawns as part of the quest Destroy the Cult of the Damned.
40 Darkiron Ore Skeleton Power Level: 482,903

Mobs Found HereEdit

Name Level Drops Family Notes
30 Garnet Enchanted Undead
Cult Zealot
32 Sunfoil Enchanted Undead
33 Sunfoil Skeleton
34 Gunpowder Skeleton
Undead Shadow
36 Horn Undead
38 Wooden Tripod Enchanted Undead Wooden Tripod drops from these in the Execution Hall.
Undead Puppet
38 Wooden Tripod Skeleton

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