An action command that is usable when a character has full morale or more, Skills are generally meant to deal damage, and may have additional effects depending on how much morale is available upon execution.

Generally, Skills are available as soon as a character is in use and does not need to be learned. Some Skills are only available to certain jobs. Each skill has its own set of modifiers and additional effects based on morale to determine its damage and effects on an enemy.

In most cases, the first hit of a Weapon Skill (single and multi-hit) receives a large power and accuracy bonus. In general, multi-hit Weapon Skills have the highest damage potential and carry less chance of completely missing the target, but end up being less consistent and more variable than single-hit Weapon Skills due to higher reliance on the character's inherent attack and accuracy stats depending on the runes equipped. Single-hit Weapon Skills have better consistency due to receiving most of its power from the "first hit" bonuses, but tend to not be capable of as much maximum damage as multi-hit Weapon Skills.

Weapon Skills Edit







Hammer of Darkness - Single target Magic damage.

Driving Blow - Single target Physical damage.

Dodge - Evade enemy attack

Block - Block attacks in battle

Thousand Strikes - AoE Physical and Magical damage.

Morale Down - Has the chance to randomly activate in combat, causes the target to lose all accumulated Morale. This does not prevent the use of Morale for the rest of battle.


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