Servers, also known as "Worlds," are instances of the world of Tynon on which players reside. Multiple servers exist because the population of the game is too great to share a single server.

Listing of Known Servers Edit


As of July 16, 2013 there are currently 26 active servers. 25 of them are standard servers used by the public, while the test server is used for testing experimental features and hypothetical scenarios, and is available only to approved testers and Game Developers.

As of 9/17 there are 129 servers.

Servers currently in service are as follows:

ID Name Activation Date Note
10 Scales of the Ice Dragon June 18, 2013 Serves Asis-Pacific
09 Light of Ra Serves US West
06 Might of Helios June 17, 2013 Serves US East
07 Bow of Athena Serves US Cental
08 Wings of Hermes Serves Europe
01 Wrath of Odin June 13, 2013 Serves US East
02 Blaze of Fire Dragon Serves US Central
03 Hammer of Thor Serves US West
04 Thunder of Zeus Serves Europe
05 Trident of Poseidon Serves Asia-Pacific
-- Beta (Test Server) May 20, 2013 Public Testing of new functions by players prior to public release. This was also the original server before the launch of the game to the live version.
-- (Test Servers)
Central US
UCT10, UCT08, UCT091, UCT09, UCT101, UCT081
Western US
UCT07, UCT071
Eastern US
UCT06, UCT061
UCT20, UCT201, UCT119, UCT12, UCT121
Beta1, Beta2, Beta4, UCT111
Unknown These servers include previous incarnations of the current live beta server, they also include servers for future release with no name. Their activation date is unknown.

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