Quests are specific requests from individuals, shops, or organizations. The conditions for most quests are fairly loose, and typically do not require you to have a specific job level or ability.

Below are the Quests ordered by which they appear. Please note that some quests are side quests.

# Quest Type Starter Location
1 Find And Rescue Maria General Letizia Aerie City
1.1 Talk to Letizia General Letizia Aerie City
2 Lord of Aerie General Letizia Aerie City
2.1 Meet the Lord General Bjorn Mirwais Aerie City
3 Find the Tracker General Aerie City
4 Sir Tor Falk General Aerie City
5 Ride On A Mount General Buros Hunter Aerie City
5.1 Talk to Buros Hunter General Buros Hunter Aerie City
6 Scholar Tor Falk General Buros Hunter Aerie City
6.1 Join A Guild General Tor Falk Aerie City

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