The Heroic Realm is a dungeon that plays host to enemies of increasing strength. There are many treasures to be had in the Heroic Realm if you are willing to put in the time.

Here you can find a list of Bosses available in each area within the Heroic Realm.

Dusk Woods
Abomination (Elite)ABOMINATION (ELITE)

Tracker (Elite)TRACKER (ELITE)

The Horseman (Elite)THE HORSEMAN(ELITE) Plaguebringer (Elite)PLAGUEBRINGER (ELITE)

Golden Woods
Patch (Elite) The Envoy (Elite) The Reanimated (Elite) 185px

Cursed Highland
The Mayor (Elite) 150px [[File: |160px |link= |alt=]] [[File:|185px |link= |alt=]]

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