Area of Effect (often abbreviated AoE) is a term used to describe skills or abilities which affect multiple targets within a certain area instead of a single target. The area which is capable of affecting targets is referred to as the skill's (or the ability's) "area of effect", hence the label.

AoE skills/abilities in Tynon that are usable require a center for the effect to sweep out its radius from. The most basic example of this is the Thousand Strikes. The target selected acts as the skill's center. Once the skill is completed, the other targets which the skill affects are determined based on the position of the selected center target and the radius of the spell.

  • Cone - Cone area of effect spells and abilities affect targets within a "cone" of space, originating from a certain point on the user and expanding outward to a specific distance away from the origin.
  • Linear - Linear area of effect spells and abilities could be considered a special case of the cone variety, wherein the cone is very narrow. In the case of linear AoE, the ability affects only those in a line directly in front of some originating point, out to a certain distance. Again, this can be avoided by standing to the side of the origin of the attack.
  • Radius - Radius AoE is the most commonly occurring of the AoE types. With radius AoE, a center point is specified and all targets within a certain radius of that point are affected by the skill.

*Radius, Cone, and Linear are all abbreviated by the first letter in type. U will be used for unknown types.

Area of Effect Weapon SkillsEdit

Weapon Skill Name Jobs That Can Use It Weapon Type
Qmark Qmark Qmark
Qmark Qmark Qmark

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