Get ready for an adventure on the high seas!


Caribbean Pirates

How It WorksEdit

Take to the seas and earn tons of Experience Points, Coins and Credits!

  • Obtain a Map piece
You can get a map piece one of two ways:
  • You can receive one daily by claiming your Guild Benefits.
  • You can loot one in the Caribbean Pirates zone by attacking players already on a ship en route to their destination
  • You can loot one in the Caribbean Pirates zone by attacking players waiting on a ship at the dock for a guild member to join them.
  • You can only have one map piece at a time. If you already have a map piece you cannot loot a player for another map piece. If you wish to lose your map piece in order to get a different one you can unequip all armor, runes, and npcs in order to lower your power.
Something to take note of, each ship has two dots one on the left and right respectively. Initially when no one is aboard they will be brown or empty. If someone is aboard the ship that is NOT in your guild the dot will be red, if they are in your guild it will be blue.

It is in your best interest to check the stats of the people on the ship before you attack. You can do this by hovering your mouse over the dot of the person you intend to attack, doing so will activate a pop up box that will give you the players stats whom you have selected.

Caribbean Pirates

  • Set Sail!
Now that you have collected your map piece and have a member of your guild to join you hop on a ship and set off to your destination.
  • You must make it to your destination within the allotted time in order to successfully complete your voyage.
  • You CAN be attacked while sailing, be prepared to defend yourself.
  • If you are attacked while sailing and lose the battle you WILL lose your map piece and will have to get another one.
  • If you are attacked while sailing you will see both battle scenes, your guild mates and your own before you are booted out off your ship (lose the battle)  or continue sailing (win the battle).
  • Attackers must win against BOTH sailors without a recharge of health points between battles.
  • Attackers which lose the battle will have a cooldown timer before being able to attack again.
  • Attackers which win the battle, take one of the defenders map pieces as a prize.

Caribbean Pirates BootyEdit

Below is a known list of the current rewards that can be earned from the Caribbean Pirates Adventure, the amounts of what you earn will vary.

Coins Credits Exp Contributions

On High Seas Saturday you get 5 gems for sailing and 5 gems for successes in addition to normal rewards.

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