Tynon News & Updates
26 September – Improvements & Bug Fixes!
Here are the latest changes to Tynon:


Blacksmith & Talent Queue
  • Cool down time has been significantly reduced.
Player Power Levels
  • Changes were made to the power mechanism which will change power ratings for players.
Equipment Upgrades
  • Gem cost of instant upgrades (conjure) has been added to a confirmation pop up.

Bug Fixes

Guild Warfare
  • Fixed a bug related to player revival.
Caribbean Pirates
  • Fixed a bug that only gave half the gem rewards on High Seas Saturday related to players who have a level 6 Guild
Guild Chest
  • A bug that caused players to only get half the value of gold coins won has been fixed.
  • The bug related to the Mount quest has been fixed.
World Bosses
  • The bug that caused players to not receive their rewards after the battle has been fixed.
Dungeon Rewards
  • A bug that caused players to miss the "Cleared Dungeon" rewards has been fixed.

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