23 August – The Latest Update Is Live!
Here are the latest Improvements and New Features to Tynon:

New Features:

  • Sanctify: Heroes will no longer receive sanctify bonuses which offer no benefit (i.e. +magic damage on a morale-based hero).
Heroes which already have bonuses like this will have those bonuses replaced with a new random bonus.
  • Players will now receive more Spirits when the Tavern refreshes. Refresh costs have also been tweaked based on player level.
  • New Guild Chests added: Players can trade in guild contribution for these new chests which offer some highly-sought items.
  • When receiving plans rewards from Banish Baal/Cerberus events, players will now get plans of an appropriate level for themselves.
  • Cretan Labyrinth now awards higher level Diamond Chips.
  • Labyrinth Tokens can now be sold for 1 million coins each.
  • Doubled the chance of hero cards spawning in Arena.
  • Players now receive half the Caribbean Pirate rewards immediately, and half upon completion.
  • Players may now attack others in PvP a maximum of 10 times per day.
  • Level 70 and 80 rewards added.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

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