Tynon News & Updates
16 August – Beta Patch Notes: New Events!
Here are the latest Improvements and New Features to Tynon:

New Features:


  • Sanctify
Heroes will no longer receive a sanctify bonus which offers no benefit to them (example +magic damage on a morale-based hero).
Heroes which already have a bonus like this will have those bonuses replaced with a new random bonus.
  • Tavern
Players will now get 5 Spirits per legendary hero when Tavern refreshes. The refresh cost has also been increased. This will be an overall increase in Spirit gain and help players more reliably acquire new heroes.
  • Banish Events
When receiving plans rewards from Banish Baal/Cerberus events players will get plans of an appropriate level for themselves.
  • Cretan Labyrinth
Higher level Gem Chips are now available as prizes.
Labyrinth Tokens can now be sold for 1 million coins each.
  • Arena
The chance of Hero cards spawning in the Arena has been doubled.
  • Caribbean Pirates
Players can now get half of their voyage rewards immediately after they start sailing. When their boat is sunk they will lose the other half of their rewards.
  • PvP
Players now have 10 chances of Revenge or Wild PvP attacks everyday.
  • A level 70 Rewards Package has been added to the game. There is no cost to this package other than obtaining level 70 in the game.

Tynon Dev Team

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